Saturday, July 08, 2006

Heathens be gone!

When my ex-partner and I moved into my TIC in the southeastern corner of the Mission in 1998, I sort of resigned to the fact that graffiti was the urban version of crabgrass or dandelions -- something you remove Sunday mornings while you grab a paper. It seemed to happen almost every other week, and I resolutely removed it barely after the paint had dried. And then -- say around the turn of the Millennium give or take a few months, it stopped. I'd say it's happened once in the past past six years.

And then, this morning, argh, I discovered this piece on our alley door. I've always felt it is sort of like the scarlet letter on your house as the animals are letting their brethren know that this is a place that can be taken down. Ready for some heavy scrubbing, I took a chance and went out with two Simple Green Scouring Pads -- biodegradable, dontcha know. And in maybe 10 to 12 wipes of the hand -- voila, it was as if it never happened and none of the paint on the door itself was damaged.

I can really get orgasmic about certain household products, and this obviously is one.

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