Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 - Textures & Tones

I have toyed with whether or not I want to do a top ten or best and worst list for the year past and have concluded that what is most appropriate is to do neither but instead a scale that borrows the three ranges of a photograph – Highlights, Shadows and Midtones. There is no judgment on the value of any of the three. And without any of the three, a photograph (or a year or a life) lakes the texture and punch to make a lasting impact.

Thus, I would conclude that this year, that I have sometimes said was a complete bust was, in fact, one with much texture and punch.


- Having a full week with my father ten days before he died and experience his face overcome with joy every moment I walked into the room. I try to focus on that in my morning mantras and meditations.

- Returning to Guatemala for the fourth time and for the first time in three years.

- Embracing a surprisingly large list of technology and gaining skills related to them. Though I cursed breakdowns of work related technology several times, the list of what I acquired this year is rather staggering: new VAIO laptop, Treo 650, replacement digital camera/camcorder and Nano, wireless network, Sony DJ headphones.

- Launching this website and accompanying videos. They are still in a crude, evolving state, but that’s part of their purpose.

- Making considerable progress on our building with a new owner coming in.

- Spending Christmas at my parents house and pulling out all of the decorations I’d been part of creating over the past 50 years and premiering a 55-minute family history DVD. Having the extended family in the house Christmas Day for a happy, shining memory to commemorate our last holiday in that house.


- A six month executive coaching program that while not unpleasant and free of any psychobabble ended with no enduring insights. If there were any it was that I came away reminded that I am not good at seeking or accepting advice.

- I did not have sex or go on one date. In retrospect of the year’s events that was probably a wise decision.

- Turning 50. I didn’t celebrate it, and most of my friends were not aware that it happened until long after the day had passed. I may be wiser than I feel, and I am surprised by the level of energy and health I have at this age.


- The death of my father, aunt and cat, subject of Episode 4 of JunkThief TV

- Feeling that I was performing at 10% of my capacity with work, despite a stellar performance review. I am in the process of addressing that.

- A two month infestation of mice that I seem finally to have addressed. Often they seemed a metaphor of how I felt about the year at times, being over-run by the nastier, dirtier aspects of nature and feeling that it, not I, were controlling my life.



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