Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out, Damned Word, Out

Tonight I went to a screening of the 1978 documentary Word Is Out that was being presented as part of it 30th anniversary and impending DVD release. I definitely remember it from its original release, perhaps having the most vivid memories of lesbian comic and military veteran Pat Bond and David Gillon, a sweet bearded guy with braces who recalled a first romance that involved daily visits traversing across Massachusetts that were never consummated with sex. Oddly, I was the only one at my debriefing dinner that related to Gillon's story back then. The others had the opposite reaction, thinking it was wacky at the time but finding it sweet today. My feelings seem to have reversed three decades on. But he does still seem sweet, albeit naive today.

The best part of the evening was seeing many of those interviewed in the film come up on the stage. At least one couple was still going strong more than 35 years into their union. They will be featured in a "where are they now" follow up video that will be a part of the DVD. Unlike so many chronicles of gay life of that era, it is encouraging to know that so many are still around.

A couple of hours after attending the screen, my reaction is similar to what it was three decades ago in that the stories stick with me and have more impact than I realized as I heard them.

Okay, I've done my Gay Pride event for the year and can now miss the rest of them without guilt.

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