Friday, January 15, 2010

To Think It All Comes Down to Doorknobs

After that very nasty episode downtown in the predawn hours, how ironic that I was now just north of the Colorado capitol building and strolling through what is now called "The Sherman Street Event Center".
Yes, what you thought you saw on the marquee is correct. UP.WITH.PEOPLE. This notorious group -- now based in Denver -- has the run of the place until early February.

As I strolled the place, I suddenly realized that my long infatuation with Louis Sullivan escalated in September 2008 when I saw one of his doornobs at MOMA (not to be confused with SFMOMA. I thought I'd touched the base of God...until...I saw...this...
Once called the "El Jebel Temple”, today it hosts a wide variety of balls and banquets to which I shall soon add one more notch. Yes, I will soon be in a former Shriner shrine.

Was I impressed? Yes.

But as I walked down Sherman with my contract, one question was on my mind. Where is Mr. Sullivan?

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