Sunday, July 23, 2006

What Is Junk Thief?

Junk Thief is the name of the new web blog that Gregg will be officially launching on Labor Day, September 4, 2006.

So what is it?
  • Junk Thief is a celebration of what author Lawrence Lessig defined as Free Culture in his 2004 book of the same name.
  • Junk Thief values what many in this society toss out as trash, "junk". And we are not above resorting to thievery to exalt the junk we love. At Junk Thief there is no such thing as trash -- just those things most of the world is too blind to treasure and love.
  • Junk Thief is inspired, in part by the image at the top of this post of two young men arrested by the National Guard in the aftermath of the April 1906 San Francisco great earthquake and fire. Caught scavenging through the ruins of the city, these young rogues were forced to wear signs declaring their crimes. How fitting, that a century later I have a chance to do the same -- use this web blog as my way of confessing my own crimes of the heart and mind over the years.
  • Junk Thief already has over 50 posts developed that will go live on Labor Day. They are now in the editing, proofing, formatting room and will all be posted on the launch date. Some examples:
    • Neurotic Like Me (An ongoing series of transcripts from real life phone conversations).
    • 20 Years Ago, 10 Years ago, 50 Years Ago -- Time Regained, if you will, my opportunity to be the Proust of the blogasphere.
    • Ach Ja/Nicht Nicht lists -- An ongoing list of my pet peeves and favorite little things.
    • Door knobs -- Updates on my eternal search for the perfect door knob. It's out there, I swear.
    • Home and Dry -- A celebration of my neighborhood on those days I actually get to be home.
    • In Flight -- Prose and photo snapshots from my travels .
So please come back and, if you've not already seen it, here is the first Junk Thief teaser commercial on my YouTube page.

See you here on Labor Day. In the meantime, remember:

I am a Junk Thief -- How About You?


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