Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Crying Crib

Even though my trip to LA lasted barely 48 hours, I was anxious to get back home. Having lost one of my cats less than a week earlier, I was feeling a great need to be with his surviving brother. I’ve always been fond of my pets, but I’ve not been the type of cat owner who dotes on his cats as if they were my children. I have operated under the theory that they have their lives and I am mine, and we happily coexist and connect regularly but not in a codependent relationship.

Perhaps once a day the cats would come meowing for me, but they were connected to each other on a far deeper level than with me.

This evening Bunter has been unusually clinging, and I’ve not minded the attention. We’re both mourning the loss of his brother, and there is great comfort in knowing he is with me. But I struggle with the amount of attention to give him so it does not make our next separation too painful.

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