Sunday, September 03, 2006

Love's Labor (Day) Lost

Okay, now that I am the elder generation of my family I am already having my senior moments. One of my domestic projects for the weekend was the repaint my Fire King green kitchen a shade of burnt orange. I had the color and scheme all planned out in my head, and I did a very thorough job with premium Ralph Lauren primer and second coat. I managed to artfully covering up the green even in difficult little corners and edges.

But there is no denying it -- the color is red. Red has never been a favorite color of mine, but I've learned to like it more through the years. So much so that I painted the dining room a bright red two years ago. Trouble is, that's almost exactly the same color that the kitchen is now. I think two adjacent rooms in red is just a bit more than I want, and it makes the room feel really dark. The whole idea was to make a progression from the gold hall, to burnt orange kitchen and then to the bright red dining room. Oh well, another project for NEXT weekend, I suppose.

We'll see what I think tomorrow when Francisco comes to put in my new light fixture.

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