Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A cool review

Thanks to Eva in Burlington, Vermont, of the Deadbeat Club for the glowing endorsement of this site and for posting the Patti Smith YouTube rendering of "You Light Up My Life." She has a great site and some fun videos that are sort of a younger, female and less disturbed version of Spalding Gray monologues. Always a mix of funny and insightful musings on pop culture, modern life and the granola set. It's good to see someone on YouTube under 40 weaving a good story and not attempting to rap or re-enact Jack Ass.

I'm glad to see she's promoting such a wonderful reworking of a song I used to hate. I've long been working a mix tape that I call "Strange Covers." It keeps evolving, but here are some for the list

* Nina Simone - Feelings (I found it on YouTube once but have since lost it)

* Debbie Harry y Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Strawberry Fields Forever

* Queen Latifah - California Dreaming

* Zeitgeist - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

* Mina Mazinni - Mack the Knife

* Cathy Berberian - I Want to Hold Your Hand

* Aretha Franklin - Nessum Dorma



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