Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hey Mister DJ -- Help Me If You Can

Although I will never part with my 1977 classic Technics SL-1950 turntable, I have been thinking about investing in a spare. If, for no other reason, I would like to convert my 200-220 78s into MP3s so I can listen to faves like "Birmingham Bertha," Sarah Vaughn's "Hey Naughty Papa," or the Crew Cuts classic "Slam Bam" when travelling. I have no intent in investing $1500+ on those high end "professional" gizmos, but I've come across the Numark PT01 online for around $100 which sounds like a good deal for this three-speed, albeit belt drive model. Any experts that can give advice are encouraged to weigh in, and I'll gladly reward you with five obscure tracks of your choice from the enormous, weird and wacky library. Did I also mention that great instructional disc from 1960 "How to install Armstrong vinyl tile" from my grandfather's home improvement store days?

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