Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Separation of states and insane nations

Yesterday's elections in Québec were a huge setback for the Parti Québécois and mak
e it pretty certain that there will be just one Canada for the foreseeable future. Having family roots there more than a century back, I could easily romanticize such a separation, but I'd rather see some of the more progressive U.S. states break off from the U.S. and join Canada.

Not that I would ever argue in favor of the "honor" of the old confederacy, but some separation movements do make a certain amount of sense, such at the State of Jefferson, making one wonder what California might look like were it treated like the former Soviet Union. I'm sure that the State of San Joaquin, likely nabbing Orange County so it would look like a huge J on the map, would soon follow. City states of Los Angeles and San Francisco would be just as logical.

Regardless, I would see no problem with some configuration of California making a break with the current powers that run U.S.

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