Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baking with Alaska (y Dinarama)

My recent revisiting of Miguel Bosé has led me to also return to the great Alaska y Dinarama. She is definitely a one of a kind, and often mistaken for a drag queen, which is a great thing to say about any female singer. It tells you something about the superiority of Mexican culture to learn that she once hosted a kids show. In a perfect world.... Her disco-punk style can most closely be compared to that of Nina Hagen, but only a comparison. I refuse to call her "the Latin Nina Hagen." Actually she always made me think that this is what Theda Bara would have sounded like if she ever started a band.

You have to love a gal that was once in a band called Kaka De Luxe which sort of reminds me of the great Shirley Pimple and the Pus Cats, the top psychobilly lesbian punk band of the Great Plains in the early 1980s. They also suffered from being called the Okie version of the Bush Tetras.

It really pisses me off when people try to use U.S. or western European references to vastly superior artists in other culture. Calling Caetano Veloso the "Brazilian Bob Dylan" is a great example. Dylan could only dream of having Veloso's diversity, poetry and voice.
On that tangent, I recently followed Friendatella's suggestion of watching (somewhat against my will, but Friendatella commanded: JunkThief, you must watch it!)Paperdolls It featured a wonderful version of Que Sera Sera by Veloso. If you've never heard Alaska's Ni Tu Ni Nadie, I suggest it as the perfect, get out of bed and be motivated rock anthem. Listen to it closely , and see if you agree that it sounds like something out of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Released around 1984, it actually makes you think that not everything from that era was horrid.

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