Sunday, April 08, 2007

Supersize Me JC

JunkThief was hoping to have a Good Friday dinner at The Last Supper Club on Valencia but had a work event in Orinda that conflicted. For years, JunkThief has wanted to track down Eugene O'Neill's home in Orinda. Desre under the elms indeed.

Easter has never been a popular holiday in the House of Junk. As a child, it always seemed to be such a pale imitation of Christmas -- the presents were much more paltry, and the connection between the Easter bunny and the "meaning" of the holiday was always confusing. Okay, Santa related to the concept of generosity and celebration. Perhaps the Easter was supposed to be a diversion for kids who got freaked by all that crucifixion nails in the hands and stuff. Since we grew up Unitarian, we were even more confused with always vague sermons that came around to social justice babble.

Worst of all were the colors of Easter, depressingly weak pastels instead of the deep rich hues of the winter holidays. Even Valentine's Day has its deep reds and yellows. Plus Easter always signaled the coming of the worst weather. First spring with all its pollen, rain and tornadoes. Then summer, six months of sweltering heat when everything is dead and stinks. I never figured out why we had to have school break in the summer when the weather sucks and you have to stay inside instead of from September to November when the weather is perfect in the Midwest. I guess the school boards were too cheap to run school during the high air conditioning season.

I also hated Easter because that was when CBS (I think) ran Demille's The 10 Commandments, the spookiest movie of my childhood. It had mostly spooky pastels and Moses looking like some slasher hippie dude threatening to come stink up your house if you didn't eat your broccoli. JunkThief had to watch Dark Shadows for a month to get back on track after that.

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I love the Blogosphere and everyone's Easter stories! ;)


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