Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Momento de Miguel - En Concierto en Ciuadad de Mexico 2004

I held off getting into Miguel’s Por vos muero for the longest time. It was too close to Celine Dion country for me, but slowly it won me over, a mix of what he calls Don Juan and Lord Byron, and en español to boot (though obviously in French for this track). Tonight I finally broke down and nabbed the DVD of Por vos Muero in concert in Mexico City. Well, it does have Celine Dion moments of melodrama, but while she belches out painful notes like an organ grinder’s money grubbing monkey in her Vegas tabernacle, Miguel can actually sing and dance. And, most importantly, unlike Celine, he is stunning to look at. Watching this Spaniard enchant a crowd of Mexicans gives one hope that the new and old worlds can reach across the big pond. If only the U.S. were half as enlightened as Mexico and the rest of Latin America where at least Colombia considered gay marriage. In the meantime the U.S. is ruled by a Texan Evangelical cracker whose five brain cells were brought down to two during his 1970s cocaine use. There is an amusing moment in Miguel's concert when he compares the difference between men and women and asks if women are jealous of not being able to have an erection and then says what a joy it is to have one. Miguel, if only you knew how many times your name, joy and erection have come up in the same sentence for me!

If Republicans continue to stranglehold this pathetic nation in 2008 there is no question I’m moving to Spain. Fuck, what am I waiting for, I could move there tomorrow and have a husband and he’d be a Spaniard!

With all of his melodramatic cheese and operatic flourishes, it's hard to wonder why Miguel and not Antonio Bandares did not star in Nine. He obviously has the superior voice and theatricality and can find his way through English, albeit with a strong lisp. Then again, Antonio married Melanie Griffith while Miguel has yet to officially answer the eternal "Is he or isn't he?" question. M-kay, how dense must one be to not confirm, he is?

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At 1:23 AM, Blogger WAT said...

No doubt, that your sentiments on the U.S. mirror mine as of late. Spain sounds like an uncomplicated dream to live in. My Argentine bud just went there and says he could not believe how normal and natural it was to be gay over there. America sux so bad right now! IT REALLY FREAKIN' DOES! FEELS LIKE A HYPOCRITICAL EXPENSIVE MORAL PRISON HERE!

Por Vos Muero. This is the one Miguel album I cannot seem to get into. Too heavy on the strings and orchestral arrangements. ARGH! I'll try. I'll really try.

A ver que pasa...


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