Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interactive Tuesday: Let's Hope Susan Boyle Doesn't Add a Dance Routine to Her Act

Okay, this will be our last post featuring scantily-clad men for a while...

Over the weekend, Bryce Digdug and I were discussing the specifics of Scandinavian culture, and he insisted that Norwegians are the most light-hearted and Swedes are more dark and brooding. It's sort of like asking if you think it's Strinberg or Ibsen wrote the funnier one-liners.

I'll leave it to you vote.

Would you prefer watching flatbreads and the most unlikely inclusion of the tune "Kung Fu Fight" ever...

....or a teenage girl channeling Michael Jackson?

It raises the question: how many countries have a "Got Talent" show? I hear there is a guy on "Lichtenstein's Got Talent" whose performance of "Baby Got Back" on a tuba is amazing and there is an Ewe female comedian on "Togo's Got Talent" who tells fou-fou and guinea worm jokes that will make you fall on the floor laughing.

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