Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Penny Thoughts of Blue

Lately I've been trying to stop doing something and just sit there. That's always the hardest thing.

Many of my friends complain of blue demons, the most frightening kind since they are cruel and cool, ever creeping into the afternoon.

Blue is never a forgiving color. It wants something, something you don't have and it will try to take it even though you don't have it.

Someone is always peering around the corner in those moments, or your certain of it and busy yourself to avoid looking into the Siamese eyes of tiny bear.

The light behind a drawn window shade dramatizes the silhouette of a Burmese cat, not directly visible but hiding no secrets as it stretches and knows we are watching. Stillness frightens most of us, so we avoid it, our minds racing even when we sleep. Still water longs to rest in our brain, the penny floating above our thoughts as we contemplate whether it is less authentic because it is made of wood.

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