Sunday, July 17, 2011

MAGPIE TALE: The Vicuna Mask

Another edition of the Magpie Tales.

She was swift.

She was swank.
She carried many a secret to the grave.

And beyond.Too many people seek truth as a commodity. There is no truth in this world. Those who seek truth or reality or balance will meet a horrible fate.
Mystery is the true musk of life or the itch that is beneath each being. Every being has an itch. When a dog scratches, we reach for powders or ointments or high powered cures for the scratching that we often mistake for something that is not there, only to realize the itch we are denying.
There is no seven year itch. The itch is eternal. We just deny it. We are too civilized to scratch or itch or spit or seek root vegetables. We write verse and send text messages and get our chakras in order while denying the obvious, the unknown. The unknown is the eternal vicuna in the room. There is no elephant ever in the room. Only a fool would believe that there could be without explaining how it could get through the door unless one lives in a garage.

A vicuna is just large enough to fill the room and fit through the door. It is filled with mystery but never wears a mask. Look, here comes one now, chewing scrub and ready to fill the room.

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