Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ach, Ja/Nicht Nicht - the verb list

Anyone who watches the fey gay Austrian character Bruno on Da Ali G Show, has heard him go into his Ach, Ja (good) and Nicht Nicht (bad) lists. So in that spirit of Was ist gut und was ist Schlecht, here are some of my own most and least favorite verbs of present:

Nicht Nicht verbs

Party – I’m not that fond of it as a noun either unless I am hosting one. Yep, call me a control freak.

Chill – Only if involving a beverage or turning on the air conditioning.

Boogie – Been years since I’ve heard it. Maybe it just sounded too much like something nasty coming out of a nose.

Silo – One of the most overused management verbs of the present. Synonym for isolate, but I always get images of grain elevators.

Ach, Ja verbs

Vivify – If only because of how it sounds. Is this what a woman named Vivian would do to put her mark on things?

De-fester (or alternately) un-fester –- My coining of a negation of an existing verb. I love problems, provided that I am solving them, no matter how big or small. I hate problems that are allowed to fester – whether it’s a root canal I keep delaying, unwashed dishes, an unmade bed, a boyfriend I need to get around to dumping. I can’t focus on anything else when there is a problem festering in the corner, wringing its hands like Uncle Fester on the Addams Family. However, I get a double kick out of feeling liberated when I de-fester a long standing problem. Success at last!

Jettison – Up there with de-fester. Sounds early so 1960s space age. Don’t just throw out the trash jettison it!

Loll – As in loll by the pool. Sounds so slug like, so slothesque. Not something I enjoy doing but just love the lazy decadence of how it rolls off the tongue. ‘Scuze me while I loll about for a while.

Bamboozle – Has a really tropical feel to it, don’tcha think? Certainly sounds much more fun than being tricked or cheated.


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