Friday, September 15, 2006

18 years...

Did I mention that today is my 18th year at work. Definitely my longest tenure to date. If I'd given birth to a child that day, she/he could be voting and buying beer today, though I would hope not at the same time. My CEO left a "happy anniversay" message after landing at SFO today. I wish I were a bit more in a mode of celebration about it. I just got news of something like the fifth co-worker in six week to resign. NOT good news. I don't want to be the one to train yet another bright young thing.

At lunch today, the young man across the table learned that I'd been to the same remote region of Guatemala. "Wow, it was hard for me, and I was in my EARLY twenties back then." That made me feel really good to know I am an oldster that can keep up with a 20-something in the mountains of Meso-america.