Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Vanquished Splinter - #1

Back in the 1980s, there was a book series called The Vanished Spendor that looked back at territorial and early statehood Oklahoma City through old postcards of the era. Vanished, yes, but probably never all that splendid. With my father's illness, death and now settling the estate taking me back there frequently over the next few months, I decided to present some of my own memories of less ancient but vanished images. I plan to call it The Vanquished Splinter Series. Here is exhibit #1: Dreesen's Poodle Parlour. What a little gem this one was! San Franciscans may bemoan the loss of the Doggie Diner, but that docile, expressionless canine can't hold a candle to the limp-wristed, prissy pup luring customers into Dreesen's. I snapped this around 1984, and I think it was gone three to four years later. Somewhere around NW 23rd Street and Walker, if memory serves me properly. I think it was actually on Walker just south of 23rd. I'd love to know if anyone knows anything about the place, or even better who designed the sign and what piss-elegant pooch posed for the sign.


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