Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The (Almost) Vanquished Splinter - # 4

A strong memory from my childhood was passing by the golden domed Citizen’s National Bank near NW 23rd Street and Classen, when I went to visit my aunt a few blocks west in the Gateway neighborhood. Built in 1956, it was one of the first geodesic domes in the world. Three years ago it was set for demolition to build…a Walgreens. Fortunately, it was spared through historic preservation status, and the drug store went up across the street.

Stronger memories are of seeing the glowing lights of the adjacent Citizen’s Tower, reportedly “inspired” by Price Tower in Bartlesville, the only completed high rise designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Citizen’s Tower is now being converted into a condo complex called “The Classen.” Although I like it in theory, I think I’d be happier if it remained an office building.