Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'll be back...

I am about to be marooned for the next nine and a half days at a Crowne Plaza Hotel somewhere between Orinda and Westchester County discussing the future of the world and humanity and how to raise millions of dollars to accomplish it. Why can't I do that in Nairobi or Santiago or Kathmandu? Many of those millions will have to be raised by me. This is not something new for me, and I don't mind doing it. However, my statute of limitations on travel, at least domestically is five days, possibly up to six, never more than seven. I worry about my cat first, plants, mail and sanity. I am planning to take steps to not do this in the future. All the same, I will not have any continuity in life until around Thanksgiving when San Francisco will start to resemble a molding sponge that's been under a leaking sink for a few months.

On the few free hours I am planning to write more about my former life on the other coast where lunch was usually spent at this place. Any guesses on its name?


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