Saturday, January 06, 2007

Drought: Officially ended

Okay, I said earlier that if not as a resolution, then as an intention that in 2007 would give dating, itimacy, a go for it again. Surely sometime in the first six months. Not a week into January, and at least a couple of tick boxes can be checked off. I plan to repeat it. It was affirming if not an epiphany. I don't want a epiphany, I doubt my heart could take it. Well, it probably could, but I want it to be a real one not just faking it. It was okay. Not awesome, amazing, fabulous.

Regardless, some observations:

  • I do like waking up with someone next to me in the morning, but three to four times in a month is enough. The rest of the time I'd rather be in bed with the cat.
  • If an overnight stay is involved, the stakes have to be really high if I am not going to do it in my own bed. I travel enough that I consider it torture to use someone else's sheets and towels in my own town.
  • My fear that I'd officially joined the walker and prune juice set has been pleasantly shattered by more than one less than 30-year-old for whom there was mutual attraction. Mutual attraction, mind you, not compatability (emotionally, economically, spiritually). It was pleasant, and there won't be repeat performances. Thus, I took his number without comment and did not offer mine.
  • If any person I am dating ever suggests that we "just hang out together," I will be clear on my intent and not compromise on this ever again. Being forced to "just hang out together" is up there with being hung by your fingernails or on the noose next Saddam.
Okay, that's as close as I will go to details and will let the metaphorical images tell the rest of the story. I don't want those Nielsen folks to ranks this site TV-14. But, as promised plan to see more about life and the future, not death and the past this year on JunkThief.blogspot and JunkThiefTV

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