Thursday, February 15, 2007

And to Think It Happened at Target

Just when I said that I was glad that I would be able to spend Valentine's Day without the slightest hint of dating, relationships, being noticed, I had an amusing encounter yesterday evening. Coming back from the Peninsula I stopped at the Tanforan Target. I was really tempted to slip into the neighboring JC Penney because I thought I would get a nice nostalgia vibe. Don't know that I've been in a Penney's store since 1986 or so. But time was short, so I gathered my cleaning, paper and dental products and headed to the register. Passing the huge greeting card display, I could not help but be struck by the line of men picking up a Valentine for their sweetie along with dog chow and Draino. See what I mean about prefering to be alone. "Hey babe, got Fido the 20 pound bag of Purina this for you. Luv ya!" Standing in front of me at the register were to nicely dressed women of about 60 - 64 buying blank media and Altoids. Just a step below the ladies who lunch and definitely not women who'd shop at JC Penny. Talbot's sort of gals that would hang out with the women in my family. One of them mentioned getting a drink at the Starbuck's stall, and subliminal or not I got the same idea. Standing behind them in line again, one turned, eyed me up and down cocked her head and with a smile said, "Are you FOLLOWING us?" The fact that she let out a slight giggle certainly didn't suggest she was at all suggesting that I was a stalker. Maybe it was the business casual plus attire with the black cashmere blazer or natural highlights glistening under the hip discount chain lights that brought such a comment. Or maybe Phyllis (as will call her) got a flirtatious Valentine's Day wild hair. Actually, given the choice I'd rather be flirted with by a 60-something Talbot's gal from Hillsborough than some 40-something "bear" at the Eagle. And what a pleasure it was to just respond to such a comment with a civilized smile that prompted the same from her. And I was able to enjoy my latte alone as I drove home and put the cleaning products away in the pantry

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