Friday, March 09, 2007

At the Invitation of Miss Lotte Lenya

Junk Thief's MySpace presence. MySpace, yes I know, how 2003! We've had a presence over there for quite a time but have been slow on the uptake and understanding that whole community, or the chaos of its design. It does often feel very bastard child of Friendster, with just so dern many images and sounds coming at you at once. For now it's got a lot of the same stuff you'll find here at the Mother Ship of all things Junky, but we hope to expand and have our alternative things over there such as those much wanted MP3s of Junk Thief singing Latvian love songs with a ukulele and more images such as the bachelor girl's weekend adventure. We've actually given thought to launching a Bachelor Girl site independent of this one, but that may have to wait a while.

Let us know your thoughts and if you have a presence over there please to send a friends request. We promise to get back to you right soon!

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