Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The School Yard -- and No More

One last shot on the Ann Coulter f-word stories and no more. Far too many inches of type have been taken up here and elsewhere on a media parasite whose true colors and vapidity have been best revealed in her defense of why she called John Edwards a faggot. "It was a school yard taunt," she explained, and she knew everyone would know that this married father of multiple children was a man whose sexuality could never be questioned.

She was implying, she explained, that he is a wimp, a wuss, like all Democrats and she would have said the same thing about Dean, Kerry or any others running. It was a joke, and a dern fine one she had to admit, and just a school yard taunt.

Ann clarified two things:

First, she always stays on message, even if that message is garbage and she speaks jibberish. That doesn't matter, since she makes a big stink and tries to belittle her targets, drive traffic to her website and sell her books. No one ever remembers anything but her insults. Can anyone quote one word she has said about what is great about her party? Her 9/11 widows quote, Kerry bashing, et. al. are well remembered, but she has yet to say one word that will go down in history about what is so great about the G.O.P. Without liberals, she'd join the tapeworms, ticks and other bloodsucking scum that know they can only survive on the flesh of an unwitting host. Ann always gets back to her core message: Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! That's really all she has to say. Any pretense of trashing Democrats or extolling Republicans is secondary window dressing. All she cares about is moving her products, and the louder and cruder she can be, the more attention she gets and thus more sales. With Ann, the only option is to dis-engage the parasite, flush and move on.

Second, she was absolutely correct that it was a school yard taunt, and that's exactly where her level of civic engagement belongs -- at the back of the class with the rowdy boys making fart noises. I'm sure she'd consider that to be a hoot too, and that's where she should hang out.

In the meantime, we adults need to think about Darfur, AIDS, avionj flu, viable options for the 2008 election, Bush's reaction to progressive governments in Latin America, the tentative peace in Nepal and Timor Leste, anti-Arab sentiment in France.
Junk Thief promises to return to those issues, cats and door knobs. Bye, Ann.

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