Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Which Way Goes the Wind?

I've completed the famed junk sort! Now to do something of the same back at home and begin consolidating heirlooms of the Great Plains with all my Pacific acquisitions of the past decade. Add in a few years in the Atlantic states and travels from Kathmandu and Ouagadougou, and the scale of this task starts getting overwhelming. Thank God for off site storage.

Today I met with our last realtor finalist -- gold shoes, Lincoln, jewelry and all. She is actually very good, and we will likely sign with her. How long this process will take is to be determined, but I hope to close this long chapter by the end of the year if lucky.

I hope to have the first YouTube document of this trip up tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a snapshot of a favorite feature of Lazy Acres. I am really tempted to climb up to take the weather vane with me since it is so emblematic of my grandfather's vision for this place 50 years ago. But, alas, it's one thing I will likely leave behind with the hope that our buyer has a similar vision.

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