Saturday, June 02, 2007

No Noise Too Rare

What is it about New Jersey that just keeps coming back into the world of JunkThief? The recent post about the rare Neil Hannon MP3s led to further digging on the indie music blog Obscure Sound (could two words be more perfectly matched?) based in Berkeley Heights, NJ, yielding the discovery of a number of hitherto unknown acts that are far more interesting than anything to be found in the iTunes top 10 list.

Overall, the range of genres and tunes is not as diverse as JunkThief would like and it's about a 70/30 equation on the like/dislike. That's still a far above average ratio in the ever snooty JunkThief range of sifting and gleaning.

Best of all is just the organization of this site which has actually helpful reviews and articles that aren't the usual foaming at the mouth PR pieces put out by the labels or the typical free download sites.

Say what you will about Jersey, but I'd dare you to do a comparison chart on its contributions to furthering American culture against what the two Dakotas or the two Carolinas have contributed. Okay, Angie Dickinson and Peggy Lee are from the Dakotas, but that's about it.

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At 10:03 AM, Blogger WAT said...

Jersey is big in American culture for some reason. I saw Clerks 2 and that's in Jersey. Paul Simon is from Jersey. And I watched "Garden State" yesterday.

What gives?


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