Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Miller Time

I bought McCabe & Mrs. Miller this weekend, prompted in part by all that discussion last week about ampersands. Tragically, the titles are all done in dower Helvetica, but that scripty, swerving ampersand in the posters is still there. Check it out in the link above to the trailer. Perhaps Altman was making a statement about a curvacious ampersand being dropped into the stark Helvetica forest frontier. Type is such an erotic thing sometimes.

It was a little hard to find. The store had it filled under "Action and Adventure", and there it was next to the Matrix. Uh, yeah.

Otherwise, I was not disappointed. It has a cool, appropriately depressing Leonard Cohen score and some hot beards and bowler hats. I sort of like the concept of a village of bearded men in the misty Pacific Northwest lonely for companionship. Though I'm essentially opposed to furs, I have to admit they are kind of hot on a still supple Warren Beatty weaving through the snow as a church burns. Oh, and seeing Julie Christie smoke opium is a barrel of monkeys too.

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