Sunday, October 19, 2008

All the Same, I Want Change Not Laughs

Just when I thought there was nothing that could top La Pequena's take on Sarah Palin, along comes this Martin Denny/Yma Sumac/Andrea Martin/Talking Heads take on the Bridge to Nowhere. You can check out more over at My Damn Channel. Thanks to Gavin Elster for tipping me off to this oddity.

It's lightly amusing and reminds me that were I to have any regret about an Obama-Biden administration it's that we would not have the surreal, apocalyptic laughs of a McCain and soon Palin White House. But, doggone it, I don't want or need that. And Obama-Biden win will merit a night or two of dancing in the streets and then much, much, much hard work to begin inching back to democracy, making some enormous sacrifices, belt tightening, dodging racist barbs (and we pray not bullets) and hoping that we regain some modest ground in the first four years in order to build a great but not conquering nation in the second administration.

It will be painful and sobering, but I prefer that to the sickening yuck fest of the past four years.

(Sidebar: Watching Taxi Driver tonight and seeing the fictional politician's slogan "Palantine We Are the People" I am struck by the similarities of that line.)

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