Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Called a Mikoshi

The past week I have been still sort of on a high from last Sunday's Cherry Blossom Parade and the finale of those burly, scantily clad, grunting Japanese men hoisting that portable shrine. Today I learned from (of all sources, the Bay Area Reporter - gasp) that that shinto shrine is called a mikoshi and is filled with saki.

Since my slide show of the parade wasn't from the greatest vantage point, I offer the above video caught about 50 feet west of me by Warren. However, I think my photos of the mikoshi were among the best shots I got that day, obviously fueled on by some higher power as I pushed forward through the crowd.

I also learned today that the Yoshida Brothers are coming to town in three weeks! Although I am a huge banjo fan, nothing equals that twangy sound of two boys playing the shamisen.

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