Thursday, August 17, 2006

Open the door..

Last week marked the one year point since I have dated someone. This is a real record for me -- the first time since age 14 that I have gone for more than a month without being in some kind of a relationship. I've not exactly been "alone" during the this one year period, and it has brought a state of peace that I really needed. But there has also been something lacking...

So I have decided to make the plunge again, and with very mixed feelings. Is it really worth all the pain that accompanies dating? Yes and no. Have I learned not to make the mistakes of the past? Yes, mostly. I definitely won't "settle" for less than what I expect, but I am also more open to possibilities than I have been in the past.

Come another month or so and seeing how things go, I may change my mind again. I'm being a bit murky about details since I don't want to libel any individuals or be THAT open about the details of my life at this point. But I am just stating that I am on the market again.



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