Thursday, August 03, 2006

Smoldering Mug Shot Memories...

As a preview of the junk to come on this site, I am including this link to my new YouTube post, Desire and Denial. Originally developed in early 2004, I've updated it just a bit to include a fairly biting slam of the dreaded, impending Folsom Street Fair. Folsom Street Fair, ugh, alternately known as Scared Straight. If that is what it means to be gay, I think I may change teams.

Mind me, I have no problem with rebellion and breaking norms, just not under the rigid, outdated rules of the Folsom Street Fair.

So what's this little slide and music piece about? The dance between aging and wasted youth? The lure of making was last dive into a shallow pit? The masculinity and indulgence of architecture. I'm not sure myself, but I'd love to hear comments. Bonus points if you can spot how many times Reynaldo Hahn appears. Or how many images relate directly to Louis Sullivan. And can you tally the number of images of the most featured star, Eros Ramazzotti. And, if not obvious, who is this celebrity criminal couple and what are the two movies and now a musical based on their misdoings in Chicago. Clue: It's not Bonnie & Clyde.

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