Saturday, October 28, 2006

As Seen on TV

Maybe it's a sign that I am coming out again. No, not that type of coming out. Yesterday I did a media presentation critique session in front of 65 trustees, co-workers and programmatic staff. The idea was that I was making a pitch for a grant of a couple million dollars. I've done plenty of broadcast media interviews, public speaking and asks for money. I've even done a few presentation critiques using video playback. But having the intimidation of 65 eavesdroppers was a first. Although I got plenty of kudos, the worst part was that the videographer was instructed to follow my hands throughout my presentation. Midway, when my hands were folded in my lap (which could also be called placed on my crotch), he zoomed in for a painful 90 seconds that was replayed to the group. Was this a case of the audience laughing with or at me?