Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Before I Leave - Again

I am home for about 18 hours and hosting a coworker from the Andes. While I have this break, these random realizations went through my mind:
* My single cat has become increasingly clingy since losing his brother. I don't like clinging mammals or insects for that matter. If he weren't 17 I'd be less sympathetic.
* I've sort of started dating again after a long break. I've not sensed clinging yet, and I am trying to be mindful of the signs and a more appropriate response than what I've done in the past. (Unplugging the phone will not be on my list this time).
* I've not eaten any form of meat in six months. I once went six years. Meat is for the weak.
* November 30 marks my tenth year in San Francisco, 17th year since I really lived in the Midwest or "heartland." (Where is the spleenland, I always wonder. Isn't Texas the crotch?)
* I keep coming back to
Maslow's hierarchy of needs in discussions I have had over the past week.
* I spent about 48 hours in various corners of Solano County this week. It is a surreal place in that it reminds me of being in rural Illinois and central Oregon and Mesoamerica all at the same time. Or part of Italy. Farming in northern Italy has come up in a number of conversations this week.


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