Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ready to Pull the Rug Out...

...and, no, not to San Francisco, though I've given it thought many times. What I am planning to do in the next six months is remove the horrid carpet in my hall and den/dining room/library. I've threatened to do it for many years. But now, as I move into the new year, it is something that I can really see happening in the next six months. Maybe a summer project.

I've often called it "church basement" carpet. But only after reading this did it become so obvious that I can't believe I have missed it before. It's the same carpet that is in BART trains. Disgusting but not quite as disgustingly filthy as that carpet is. With the onset of winter when the carpet gets its worst, I've already done a pre-season cleaning, but it seems rather futile and like caring for some unwelcome lodger. Regardless, I plan on it being gone by this time next year, a real reason to celebrate the holidays next year with a house filled with glistening wood floors.

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