Friday, November 24, 2006

Ten Years Ago...Arrival

This week marks my tenth year in San Francisco. I arrived sporting the first full beard of my life, and that was gone within a few weeks. I more or less have as much hair as I did back then, just less of it the same shade of light brown with "natural highlights" increasingly taking over. I came to San Francisco with modest enthusiasm. Despite a few times of really despising the place as being boring and over-priced and over-rated, I don't have any immediate desire to move elsewhere. Most of the places I want to go are even more over-priced albeit not over-rated (Paris, Tuscany, the Upper East Side, etc.) However, as a recent article in the ever trusty New York magazine recently pointed out, the upper 80s near Park Avenue no longer represent the richest zip code in Manhattan, overtaken by 10013,/Tribeca.

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