Thursday, February 15, 2007


As the political question of the past week or so seems to be whether or not Obama is "black enough," leading one to wonder if the media has run short of enough creativity to come up with any real question, I am reminded of a little incident on my flight from Guatemala City to Houston on Sunday. Sitting next to a lovely 30ish South Asian bloke who spoke a Chicago-style English, he grew increasingly angry as the goateed flight attendant spoke to me in a Texas twang and to him in bumbling second grade Spanish. When, as he passed out immigration papers and mumbled to my seat-mate "Son Americano?" he got a reply of "Yeah, third generation, pal!" as a response. So, is it racist to even question Obama's "blackness" or roots in the true African American experience or to even suggest that he will be less worthy of a candidate seems to be a bit self-defeating. Is Hillary Clinton feminist enough? Probably not? Is John Edwards "southern enough?" Probably not, but we'll still get stuck with him as the likely running mate (as either first or second banana depending on how ready the Dems that the U.S. is even a slightly progressive candidate. Sadly, the chances of a moderately progressive candidate being a viable winner will hinge on when or if the "war" will "end." Under the terms it was declared, it will take a few more centuries to even think there could be a victory. And the U.S. would certianly not be the winner. To think that the lives of working class 18-35 year olds will be the collateral damage is the reality of the commodities this country is willing to use to play cards in the 21st century. If JunkThief tends to be glib at times, it is no doubt the numbness of the country he currently lives in. No wonder he considered ripping up his passport last week. And, yes, I am actually willing to get up enough energy to campaign for Obama if such a scenario is remotely possible.

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At 8:16 PM, Blogger The Blue Elephant said...

If race is calculated, strangely, according to some estimate of the "percent" in your heritage, and you are considered Black if you are as little as 5% Black), I am waiting for someone to say, "I am 55% White, and if these labels are attached according to percentage, then call me White." In fact, too bad Whites cannot say they are Black, and Blacks say they are White just to confuse this nonsense out of existence.


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