Thursday, February 01, 2007

Harry Pottery Barn – Enter the Naked Stallion?

Harry Pottery Barn nude in Equus? Was it my recent tributes to Patti Smith’s debut that inspired this teen male take on Ms. Godiva. (Go Diva, I always liked to call her.) I won't be heading to London right away for this one. Wait for it on cable...maybe.

Based on the photos I’ve seen thus far, I will have to say, “Ew, no thanks. I know Twinkies are 95% petroleum products.” I actually made it through about five minutes of a Harry Pottery Barn flick on a plane one time after downing half a glass of a merlot. I had the sound off, and I remember there was some battle with a tree or such.

Anyone who’s seen Jesus Camp could tell you that Harry Pottery Barn fans are damned already, be he boffing a horse or not. Harry, the good Christians of Missouri, inform us, is a warlock!

But is little Harry a stallion? Eh, don't think so. Luckily poor Barbaro didn't have to live to see such an insult to his species.

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