Sunday, April 22, 2007

JunkThief's Twisting French Half

At this advanced age JunkThief tends to leave public dancing to those of the vintage that celebrate ”My Humps” and other inept tunes of present. So JunkThief felt compelled to celebrating dancing days of past by sharing another little Scopiotone gem since the recent Joi Lansing post was an all time hit with other JunkThieves.

“La Twisteuse” by Jack Glen et Les Glenners is a reminder of JunkThief's vibrant French 50% bloodline that is all about legs in the air, miniskirts et la Twisteuse, la Twisteuse, oh mon dieu la Twisteuse!

This reminds us of one of the few original SNL episodes that stick in our brain where Lina Wertmuller viewed a French short and scoffed at how annoyed she was by “dis image of ze twisting woh-man!”

Never heard of Scopiotones? Check them out at and see what you missed before MTV ruined the purity of music videos in their raw, real form.


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