Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And Now I Have Sporked

So now I have had the Spork experience in the former KFC venue on Valencia. I'd held off for a month or so until they'd gotten beyond first few weeks jitters and before there were crowds. I went tonight around 7 and was one of maybe six dinners.

I'll surely return, but I have to say it gets about an 8 for concept and a 5 for execution. The staff is all adorable, incredibly pleasant without being in your face and the sea bass I had was perfectly acceptable. But for $30-35 do I really want to go to a former KFC instead of having something more memorable at Chenery Park? Surely their menu will expand, and it is certainly a place to go with a group or a date instead of going solo. (Going solo? Oh, about that, I've decided it's definitely time to get intentional about changing that soon, but more on that topic later.)

Aside from that, their "fortune cookies" featured above were certainly fun.

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