Sunday, May 27, 2007

¿ Compinche, Donde Está Mi Coche?

It was Carnaval day in the Mission, so JunkThief did the right thing -- snapped a few shots of the parade, made sure the JunkMobile's windows and tires were intact, and headed off to Japantown with a friend for a Kaiseki Bento Box lunch.

¿ Corazón de la Misión? Living here in the far southeast corner of the arrondissement hispanique, the big right toe of the Mission would be more accurate. Despite having to witness the spectacle of all the noise and tacky white folks from Antioch and Hayward descending on our barrio to shake their Hometown Buffet fueled booties to salsa and merengue, JunkThief does have to hand it to the city clean up crews that are immediately sweeping the streets on a day they would surely rather be doing something other than cleaning up trash.

Sad to see, however, that Candies, the Victoria's Secret of my 'hood was closed for the holiday. I guess if those poor things on the floats split their panties they had no local resources.

Oh, and the defacing of the poster at 24th and Bryant promoting peaches may inspire JunkThief to sign up for that literacy outreach program for graffiti artists. JunkThief's a reel gud spel chekr.

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