Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sure, It Was All About the Sets and Lighting

JunkThief went to see Wilde Boys at New Conservatory Theater courtesy of Bob, a playwright in his Monday night writing group. It was a pleasant enough entertainment, somewhere between a revue and a musical and reference to Oscar Wilde but never featuring him as an onstage character or burdening the audience with the sadder parts of his life. There was a bit of nudity, plenty of randy little songs, and a good appearance by a dancing and singing mummy. Can never have too much of that! As Bob said, it's the kind of entertainment best enjoyed after a few drinks, and JunkThief would add the type that one would likely not recall in the morning. It did feature a renowned local gogo boy/Trannyshack performer and founding member of the Cockettes, which is all in its favor. At the end of the evening, JunkThief commented that it had clever use of sets and lighting. Bob said that reminded him of his mother always saying after seeing a nearly nude revue in Vegas that she was so impressed with the costumes. Good point, Bob, its capacity to engage had nothing to do with sets and lighting.

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