Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reason #334 to Drop Match.com Account

The best YouTube connection so far this year has come this week from a fellow in Abacete, Spain, who shares my passion for Lee Marvin's rendition of "Wandering Star" in "Paint Your Wagon." (Honestly, this isn't the usual JunkThief parody. Haven't you guys figured those out yet?)

We're finding a way to communicate that's somewhere between Castilian and English, though my Castilian is actually better than his English which is pretty spooky

As he said, after running his message through the babelfish online translator before sending it to me: "To me the Lee Marvin singing is just so good. To me it is so pleasing hearing a good man with some age and a head with grey making those nice deep noises in his throat." More than glad to oblige, mi amigo nuevo.

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