Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bamboo, Paint and Red Bean

"Another long exhausting day, another thousand dollars... "

JunkThief is not in the habit of quoting Sondheim songs, especially not that one, but it sure described this weekend. Not that he didn't buy anything he regrets, but it just sort of kept building like a wave. The weekend ended up with around 15 DVDs, a good sign that there should be a moratorium on rentals or purchase until the 40-45 yet to be watched discs are viewed. No particular theme but a range of recent releases at $8-9 to rarities and oddities. Especially encouraging was coming across House of Bamboo, a somewhat obscure American noir shot in color in Japan by Samuel Fuller. Besides fascinating, never to be seen again shots of mid-1950s Tokyo and a homo-erotic under-current, there is a fairly major part by spy/socialite/politician/talk show host Shirley Yamaguchi. Her performance is not that great, but she has been such an infamous character I've known about for so long that it was great to see her.

Also long overdue was
Paint Your Wagon, the best bad musical set in the wild west with Mormon overtones. Expect to hear a remix of Lee Marvin's xlassic rendition of Wandering Star coming soon.

JunkThief loves to purchase but hates to shop. Thus he typically grabs things quickly, brings them home and sorts things out with whatever he's left to deal with. Thus he ends up with a lot of junk. JunkThief used to take the same approach with men but has tried to be more mindful about that these days.
"J" has encouraged him to adopt a nifty yellow cat named Henry, and he has not ruled it out, but he knows mixing his 18-year-old tabby with a new border probably would not work. He seems to be taking the same approach to both men and cats.

A long planned pilgrimage finally happened today. JunkThief has always been less than enthusiastic about the usual sweet, high fat ice creams on the market but loves cardamon, red bean, taro and other flavors. So after years of wanting to go to the main venue of PollyAnn Ice Cream out on Noriega, he finally made the long trek out there. Was that Singapore he saw on the horizon? Half gallon containers of red and green bean! Imagine the excitement. They of course, have 500 flavors available and have much more going for them than the famed Mitchell's Ice Cream.

Driving up 19th Avenue is always traumatic for inner city driver JunkThief, and forgetting that today was Bay to Breakers day was not pleasent.

Editorial Note: Some readers have pointed out that several posts on this site have mixed first and third person. JunkThief has noted that and will try to avoid slipping into the "I-character" mode when speaking of JunkThief in the third person.

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At 12:26 AM, Blogger Bryce Digdug said...

"House of Bamboo"! I am not worthy! Yes, it's homoerotic with various gangsters vying to be Robert Ryan's number one man. They all dress in wonderful shiny suits. And the interior design! Japanese/James Bond/French Baroque. Ryan is always so scary and with that scary voice. The sets remind me of some of Mothra's sets.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Scot said...

Feeling royal today talking about one's self in the third person? Today's mood- the exotic ice creams hold far more interest than the movies. Taro is also one of my favorite flavors. Red bean I often prefer in a different format, possibly a hot soup-like dessert.

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Junk Thief said...

Bryce - Bamboo was a wonderful find, especially at a Borders (please don't tell the folks at Dog Eared Books) and for $9. Are there heterosexual gangsters too? I had no idea. The sad thing about Paint Your Wagon is that you realize that Lee Marvin wasted so much time on acting when he has such a lovely singing voice.

Scot - Didn't you know that I am royal every day? Another taro fan? Oh, I just hope the two of us don't cause a shortage on that treat.


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