Friday, May 18, 2007

Neurotic Like Me - Highlights from Cousin Ginger's Bachelorette Party in Fargo - 1986

(A somewhat accurate recounting of phone conversation this afternoon)

JunkThief: Hello

Ginger: Hey JT, it's Ginger.

JunkThief: Hey, Miz Ginge..whazzup?

Ginger: Not much. You know. Spring in Detroit. Ring bells. Sing songs.

JunkThief: You know, I was just thinking about your 20th anniversary last summer.

Ginger: Yeah, right, the party you were too grand to attend.

JunkThief: Now you remember I was busy.

Ginger: What was his name again?

JunkThief: Anyways, I was thinking about that crazy bachelorette party you threw and...well, I just posted a slide show over on the JunkThief MySpace page.

Ginger: Oh, Christ. You did not!

JunkThief: Well, it's not exactly the real photos. More a representation of what happened. You know, an artistic rendering.

Ginger: You did not!

JunkThief: Did.

Ginger: Not!

JunkThief: Anyways, let me know what you think.

Ginger: I'm logging in as we speak....Oh. My. Gawd.

JunkThief: Anyways, just thought it might bring back some good memories.

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