Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chez le Jardin de Junk Thief

His Majesty Bunter, assuming his rightful pose as the king of the jungle on York Street. He's an indoor puss, so he's been an absolute purr machine of thanks for having an afternoon playing and reigning in the garden today.


I am happy to bring back the surprisingly popular feature showing shots from the garden at the back of the JunkPlex.

It is good that I did my jaunt to the Haight and Golden Gate Park yesterday since they were having the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love concert out there today. I did actually do some deadheading, but it involved rose bushes and geraniums.

Here are some highlights.
According to Salty Sally at Flowercraft (not to be confused with Salty Miss Jill), these flowers are indigenous to Austria and contain all the colors of the Royal Habsburg Court and you will see them in any official portrait of the royals. I usually rely on Sally for tips on appropriate watering, sunlight and soils, and I had no idea that she had such extensive known of 18th century European royals. Though, come to think of it, tweak her husky Imperial Valley twang with a British accent and you've got Marianne Faith Playing Queen Maria Theresa. (By the way, if you follow the link I pasted to Flowercraft's site, that's Sally third from the left. I've no idea if that's here real name, but she's a real sweetie, but I have a hunch that if you try to mess with her you'll be pushin' up petunias in no time.)

A little pruning and adding of the new flowers in the upper center around the Whimsey shrine seemed a fitting ritual as we near the one year anniversary of losing him. (Yes, sniffle, sniffle, but every time the wind chime with the cats on the top makes a noise, we know it's our Whims smiling down on us.)

After seven amazing years, a favorite hearty little bonsai just decided it was time to go, so it was time to go with a different approach in this little black, oval pot on the fire escape.
I have not owned a bird bath since I had my flat on Garfield Place in Park Slope Brooklyn, nearly 15 years ago. I'm telling you I've got me some dirty birds back in that yard that are anxious to get spiffied up.

You can never have too many Japanese cast iron lanterns, and this one was just too hard to pass by this morning at the Alemany Flea Market.

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At 6:32 AM, Blogger Salty Miss Jill said...

What a glorious little haven! You make me want to take up gardening, once we finally settle down...

At 9:28 PM, Blogger mrpeenee said...

Howe nice to run into another Flowercraft fan. My whole backyard is stuffed full thanks to their half-price section. Somehow, if something dies, it seems more bearable if I only paid 50 percent for it.


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