Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Four Miles x 1,900 Feet

As anyone who knows me can attest, I am a street walker from way back. I always prefer to walk in the city over driving, taking the bus (urgh), cycling, or even resorting to BART. Though definitely urban, I do manage to get out of the city now and again and always enjoy it. Sunday I connected with a friend in Santa Rosa who brought along a friend who is a pathologist and former state medical examiner (not California, but so be it). Oddly, I met two pathologists during the month of December and learned that they are indeed a unique breed.

These shots are from the trek to the top of Bald Mountain in between Santa Rosa and Sonoma. It's about four miles and 1,900 feet up. Two of the others heading up with me were a good 18 years my senior but were usually ahead of the pack until we were passed by and 80ish couple of giggled and said "'scuse us, you kids" as they raced ahead of us. It wasn't exactly a taxing trek, but I felt it in my legs until this morning. I'd make a resolution related to this but prefer to let it just happen organically.

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