Sunday, May 25, 2008

Carnaval 2008

I am a little worried that my hard earned reputation as a curmudgeon is at risk. Getting up reasonably early this morning, I decided to check out the Carnaval parade. And dern it, if I didn't end up having a good time. Since I didn't go into the fray of Mission or 24th but caught the floats on both the north and south end of 24th of Bryant, I was able to get nice views without the annoying crowds.
Does that mean I'll be going to the homosexual festival on Market Street next month? No way, while I commend the "gay community" for embracing one of the seven deadly sins, why just that one? While we have Gay Shame, we desperately need Gay Sloth, Gay Greed, Gay Gluttony, etc. Gay Pride? What is this, 1974? And while Gay Pride is mainly about fat white queens from Antioch and Des Moines ogling drugged out white gym bunnies on display and wrapping their pride around corporate logos, Caranval is about all ages, body, types and races riding on trucks with "corporate" sponsors on the order of Sam's Sign Shop of San Mateo. Much more fun and truly embracing diversity. On top of that, look at how much cooler the Aymaran flag (held by these lovely women who posed for me) is compared to the Rainbow Flag that is a cheap rip off of the far more attractive original.

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