Sunday, February 18, 2007

Enough with Regular Guys

Oh, wow. Anderson Cooper managed to probe (sorry, I just couldn't resist that one) country crooner Kenny Chesney about rumors of his homosexuality on 60 Minutes Well, Kenny said flatly that he is not. Well, okay, fine whatever. And who better to dig deep into that issue than Anderson. I had never heard of Chesney until shortly before his brief marriage.

As a matter of fact, the first time I heard of him was in a gay bar that was playing a video where he was bragging about how he likes to strut around shoeless and shirtless. I thought it was a gay porn star aping cowboy pretensions but googled to find out that he was actually a recording professional. While that song had its appeal, the rest a pretty tepid tunes about, well, just regular guys doing regular kind of stuff.
According to Anderson Cooper, Chesney sell more concert tickets than Madonna. And if anyone would know about that, Andreson would.

Trying to decode the mystery of Chesney's appeal, Cooper speculated that it's because he's such a regular guy that folks can relate to from common experience. Like all Vanderbilt kin, I am sure Anderson also is an expert on that as well.
I'm always nervous when I hear about entertainers, especially hugely successful ones, being just regular guys. I know I don't want to go spend $40-100 to see some regular guy sing his heart out. Maybe that's because I'm not a regular guy, but I also want to get money money's worth and expect spectacle, artifice, art, for chrissakes. I'll admit that Chesney's body is probably a more viable reason to take interest in him than his body of work. But CBS managed to unveil what is under the hat of the man who so readily removes his shirt and shoes with the photo above. Particularly amusing was the quote with the photo on their site:

"Kenny Chesney is rarely seen without a cowboy hat or at least a baseball hat. Perhaps his receding hairline is the reason?"

Uh, yeah, perhaps. Ah, that Kenny, just a regular guy making a few million. Or wait, was that the guy from Geek Squad that installed my router a few months ago?

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At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cooper didn't ask the right question. He asked Chesney if he was gay. He did not however, ask him if he was BISEXUAL. Most reporters only see black and white (or in this case, "straight or gay") and don't ask the right question. A celeb will say "no" when asked if they're gay and they're telling the truth, because they are bisexual. Play on words, but it's how it's done.


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