Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, George

Happy 84th birthday to George Birimisa whose celebration I attended today in the Castro. Since 1999, I have attended his Intergenerational Writing Workshop which got me back to writing something other than press releases, promotional magazine articles and grant proposals.

Though the main focus of the class is prose, there probably would not have been this JunkThief spot or JunkThief TV. I've wandered away from the group fromtime to time but appreciate knowing that it's always a home to come back to.

George is an inspiring and incredible spirit that has taken many roads to where he is today. Recently, he co-edited the book Return to Caffe Cino that chronicles early avant garde and queer theater that he was a part of in 1960s. In addition to one of his plays, it includes the works of several other trailblazing writers of the era

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